360° Interactive Virtual Tour

It is no secret that most of the buyers who are buying high-end real estate in Miami do not live in Miami full time.

Time and time again, potential buyers who want to buy properties in Miami hold back from doing so because they are not able to make the trip due to personal, business, or family commitments. Therefore, qualified and interested buyers let buying opportunities slip away simply because they couldn’t see the property first-hand.

Also, many times potential buyers who are physically in Miami are not able to see properties that they are interested in acquiring because they are tenant occupied.

We do our best to make sure these missed opportunities never happen to properties that we represent for sale.

Rubin [+] Morr has a team of custom 360° Interactive Virtual Tour specialists who make it possible for potential buyers to virtually walk through properties we list for sale

The tenants of properties we represent for sale have all been extremely happy with the Virtual Tours we conduct since potential buyers virtually walk through residences and qualify properties before seeing them first hand – limiting the amount of times we need to bother the tenant of a particular residence and enhancing our client’s relationship with their tenant throughout this process.